Game Day

Hosting for the Big Game? Team Appliances can help you get Game Day ready with these recipes and tips.

  • Practice makes perfect. Clear out the refrigerator the day before to make room for wine, beer and food that guests may bring. Utilize drop down trays and quick space shelves to design the ultimate fridge.
  • Create a playbook. Choose easy apps that you can warm right before guests arrive. We love this Artichoke Spread, these Five-Minute Meatballs and these Baked Jalepeno Popper Pinwheels.
  • Bring in the special teams. Let tech lend a helping hand. Tell Alexa or Google Home to set oven timers, and use a mobile app to preheat your oven from the store if you have a last-minute ice run.
  • Call the Backup QB.  Microwaves can cook more than you think, including ground beef for Southwest Chili.
  • Show your spirit. Incorporate team colors into food and decor or even football-themed food like these Brownie Bites or these Meatball Sportsball.
  • Take a timeout. No need to scrape every last bit of nacho cheese off your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. It’s okay to load dishes with some food debris, especially when you have powerful jets at play.
  • Flag on the spill. Pretreat any Game Day mishaps before you start the laundry with soapy water, or utilize your machine’s stain settings.